How Noninvasive TempSure® Envi™ Can Take Years Off Your Face With This Radiofrequency Technology

The battle against aging is one that no one can ultimately win. But you can delay the appearance of aging without the risks of facelift surgery or other invasive procedures. While there are other options for helping your face appear younger, TempSure® Envi™ radiofrequency (RF) treatments are among the best choices available. 

Dr. Sydel Legrande and her staff at ALTOGETHER LOVELY in Tampa, Florida, highly recommend TempSure Envi RF technology to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on your face without risky surgery or pesky downtime. Dr. Legrande is a skilled medical aesthetics specialist with over 35 years of experience who recommends TempSure Envi RF treatments for both men and women after an aesthetics consultation in her office. 

How TempSure Envi radiofrequency treatments enhance your skin

FDA-approved TempSure Envi RF treatments are often called a nonsurgical facelift due to the incredible results that patients enjoy. Dr. Legrande uses the radiofrequency technology to smooth wrinkles and tighten skin to create a more youthful, vibrant appearance. 

Radiofrequency energy is safe for all types of skin and levels of sun exposure, so almost anyone can benefit from TempSure Envi. 

This revolutionary technology from leading aesthetics company Cynosure® delivers safe and painless therma energy below the surface of your skin to the layers underneath. This increased heat activates your body’s natural healing responses, which produce new collagen to make repairs. 

How does new collagen benefit my appearance?

Your skin is supported by collagen and elastin, vital ingredients that make skin appear smooth, tight, and vibrant. Your body produces less of these important substances as you age, so your skin may begin to look older and more worn and wrinkled.

When the TempSure Envi RF treatments trigger the production of collagen, this new supply rejuvenates your skin from the inside, transforming it into the skin you enjoyed while you were younger. No injections or surgical procedures are necessary. 

What happens during and after a TempSure Envi treatment?

During your pain-free TempSure Envi treatment, Dr. Legrande applies the TempSure device to the areas you want treated. You’ll feel a gentle warming — even relaxing — sensation as the RF energy heats the tissue below the surface of your skin.  

After your treatment, your skin will be slightly pink, but this disappears soon. You can continue with your plans for the day without interruption. TempSure Envi treatments can even fit into your lunch break on a workday!  

A series of TempSure Envi RF treatments recommended

In the days and weeks following your first TempSure Envi treatment, your body continues to produce collagen and you’ll notice improvements to your skin. Dr. Legrande generally suggests a series of TempSure Envi RF treatments, spaced over time, for the best results.  

She’ll work with you during a confidential aesthetics consultation to build a customized TempSure Envi treatment plan that will bring you the utmost in natural skin rejuvenation and beauty. Call the office at 813-375-9374 or request your appointment online today.

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