How to Enjoy the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

What would the holidays be without your mother’s favorite chocolate cake recipe? Or without grandmother’s homemade dressing alongside the turkey and gravy? 

Many people feel that if they can hold themselves to only gaining a pound or two during the holidays they’re doing well. But gaining that extra few pounds (or more) each year can seriously sabotage your weight and health goals. 

Dr. Sydel Legrande and our aesthetics team at Altogether Lovely in Tampa, Florida, want you to enjoy the holiday celebrations with family and friends. To that end, we’re providing our best suggestions for enjoying the holidays without gaining weight. If you need help with weight loss either before or after the holidays, we can provide workable solutions. 

Choose healthier snacks

We all know the holidays are rife with sweet snacks loaded with calories and sugar. That doesn’t mean you can’t make better choices. 

Look for healthy snacks like fruit and nuts, vegetables, or exotic salads. Contribute health-conscious choices when you’re asked to bring snacks to your family or work holiday party. 

Choose a smaller plate

Forego the traditional holiday-sized plate with “side boards” and choose a smaller plate. Then, fill that plate with small portions or healthier choices. 

Eat the good stuff first, leaving little room for the other stuff. When the plate is empty, lay it aside and don’t refill it. 

Eat slowly

Chewing is an essential part of healthy digestion. Focus on chewing your food slowly and savoring each bite. This is not only better etiquette, it releases the foods’ beneficial enzymes. 

Savoring each bite also allows you to focus on flavor and enjoy your food more. 

Reduce stress

The current times are stressful enough without adding more. Determine to reduce your stress levels during the holidays and enjoy them. 

Heightened cortisol from stress leads to unwanted weight gain. Do some things you enjoy and spend time with those you love without strings, demands, or pressures. 

Get the sleep you need 

Sleep deprivation slows your metabolism, which makes it harder to rid yourself of unwanted fat. Plus, sleeplessness is a direct contributor to binge eating and overeating. 

Set a regular bedtime and waking routine that includes at least eight hours of sleep and stick to it. Prepare your room for sleep and avoid electronics or screens for at least a half hour before bedtime. 

Drink more water

Many holiday celebrations include alcohol or other sugary drinks. Alcohol lowers your resistance to other bad habits, like overeating. 

Choose water instead. Stay well-hydrated with water mixed with lemon, lime, or fruit. 

Stay active

The holidays are busy times, but don’t use that as an excuse to skip your exercise routine. In fact, you can help reduce the holiday stress with exercise. 

Even a few brisk walks between events or on pleasant evenings can help you keep the excess pounds away and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. 

Face the New Year with a plan

Make plans in the coming New Year to be healthier and take control of your weight. We can help you with customized weight loss programs and fat reduction treatments to build a better body. 

Call our office or schedule an appointment online to get the help you need for weight loss and increased health this holiday season. 

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