Little Known Symptoms of Stress

Everyone knows that uncontrolled stress can be a killer. Chronic hypertension can lead to heart problems, nerve problems, and all kinds of other problems. 

Handling stress is difficult enough when you can detect the signs that show you’re suffering from too much — but what if unusual symptoms appear? 

Dr. Sydel Legrande and our team at ALTOGETHER LOVELY in Tampa, Florida, know the importance of managing stress. Everyone battles some level of stress and eliminating it completely isn’t possible. 

But learning both the common and uncommon symptoms of stress can help you recognize when it’s approaching unhealthy levels. We want you to be aware of the unusual, little-known symptoms of stress so you can more adequately deal with the different stressors in your life. 

Uncommon symptoms of stress 

Aside from the normal or common symptoms of stress that you may have in abundance when overstressed, you may also develop some of these lesser-known symptoms. If you’re already under a great deal of stress, these conditions may only make things worse. 

Immune deficiency 

Stress is your body’s natural fight-or-flight mechanism that’s designed to protect you when threatened with harm. Prolonged stress keeps your body in this heightened sensitivity mode, which has detrimental effects on many parts of your body. 

One of those is your immune system. Research shows that the stress hormone corticosteroid lowers the number of lymphocytes in your body, effectively suppressing your immune system. 

Hair loss 

Too much stress can make you prematurely grey, and it can cause permanent hair loss. The body’s stress response causes a condition called telogen effluvium, which stops hair follicles from growing. Hair falls out and doesn’t regrow. 

Too much stress keeps this condition going, causing even more hair loss. 

Increased pain sensitivity 

Too much stress even affects how you sense and feel pain. Heightened pain sensitivity is due to your body temporarily suspending the production of some hormones, including the ones that help you deal with pain. 

Stress can cause you to feel pain with more intensity and less help from your body to counteract it. 

Reduced fertility 

Stress can make it harder to get pregnant. Stress causes decreased ovulation and irregularity in women, while lowering a man’s sperm count and the ability to produce sperm at all. 

Heightened sense of smell 

Increased stress hormones raise your senses to a heightened, even supercharged state. This makes you more attuned to your environment and any possible threats. 

One side effect of this is a heightened sense of smell. You may be able to smell odors not normally detected, and other scents will seem greater or stronger than usual. 

Why does stress affect me differently? 

Stress affects everyone differently because everyone’s internal and external resources for dealing with stress are different. What overwhelms one person may not affect another. The thing you must realize is that your stressors are valid to you and when you need help reducing or coping with stress, you should reach out. 

We offer several options for helping you reduce the stress in your life while coping with what stress remains. After a comprehensive consultation, physical exam, and testing, we create a unique strategy to help you manage and reduce your stress. Our overarching goal is to bring improvement to your health, wellness, and life. 

Lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, massage, counseling, stress management techniques, and treatments to improve your general health are all possible elements of a treatment plan to reduce your stress. Not to mention the various ways we can pamper you with aesthetic treatments to enhance your appearance and build self-confidence. 

Let us help you get your stress under control and take back your life. Call or use our convenient online scheduling tool to make an appointment today. 

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