What to Do About Painful Intercourse

Sex is one of the joys of life. But vaginal dryness and other conditions can make sexual intercourse painful and unsatisfying. Unfortunately, many women are too embarrassed to talk to their doctors about their sexual problems. The result is their sexual health becomes compromised.

Let’s face it. Your body changes throughout life. But age doesn’t have to lead to abstinence. Sydel LeGrande, MD of Altogether Lovely in Tampa, Florida can give you the information and treatment to restore your vaginal health and a gratifying, pain-free sex life. 

Vaginal dryness explained

Painful intercourse isn’t rare; three out of four women experience it at some time. Loose skin, slack muscles, or vaginal dryness can be to blame. These symptoms point to low estrogen, a hormone that’s vital to your vaginal health.

When female hormones decrease, a likely consequence of menopause, vaginas can become dry—one big cause of painful intercourse. Dryness also can be caused by breastfeeding, medications, childbirth, immune disorders, and some medical treatments like chemotherapy. Smoking also contributes to vaginal dryness.

How you can treat vaginal dryness

Mild and occasional vaginal dryness often can be treated by:

Your partner can do a lot to make sex more comfortable. Be open about vaginal dryness and discuss these possible solutions.

How we treat vaginal dryness

When you experience vaginal dryness and painful intercourse, you want a cure as soon as possible. Dr. LeGrande is easy to talk to and glad to discuss your problem with vaginal dryness. He performs a thorough examination to determine the cause of your problem and discusses with you treatments available. 

One great treatment is the Tempsure Vitalia®, a revolutionary therapy that revitalizes your sexual system and improves your sexual health. Tempsure Vitalia uses a thin, laser probe to deliver laser energy. These radiofrequency pulses heal the vaginal area from the inside out, strengthening pelvic floor muscles, including your urethra. Tempsure Vitalia corrects vaginal dryness, increases sexual desire, and enhances your ability to reach orgasm. 

Dr. LeGrande may have other useful treatments that will fit your needs, and your lifestyle. These nonsurgical treatments revitalize vaginal tissue, restore lubrication, and increase muscle tone.

A healthy sex life is possible at any age. Here are more treatment options we provide to remedy vaginal dryness.

Don’t let vaginal dryness rob you of a healthy, pleasurable sex life. You can schedule an appointment with Dr. LeGrande by calling our office or requesting an appointment online today.

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