Why Do I Have Cellulite and How Can I Get Rid of It?

One of the most frustrating situations we encounter is when we work hard to lose weight, live healthy, and tone our bodies, only to be stymied by troubling pockets of cellulite. No amount of exercise or diet can touch this ugly development, but there are modern tools that can help you win the battle. 

With more than three decades of experiences, Dr. Sydel Legrande and her staff at ALTOGETHER LOVELY attack these persistent pockets of subcutaneous fat by using the TempSure® Firm laser system by Cynosure®. Our experienced technicians can address cellulite and help you regain smooth, toned, and healthier-looking skin. 

Learn more about the source of cellulite and how we can help you eliminate it. 

The skinny on cellulite

Cellulite forms when fat deposits shove their way through the skin’s inner support network. It appears as lumpy, wrinkled skin. Women are affected by cellulite far more often than men, at a rate of 80-90% of women vs. about 10% of men. 

This disparity can be blamed on several factors:

Fat storage 

Women store fat differently from men and these pockets of fat are closer to the surface of the skin. 

Structural support 

Structural support for a woman’s skin is made from vertical connective fibers that make a parallel fence. This one-way network allows fat to penetrate more easily than in men, whose tissue support is woven in a criss-cross manner. 

Hormone fluctuations

Estrogen hormone fluctuations can affect a woman’s skin support network, allowing cellulite to develop more easily. 

Both overweight and thin people can develop cellulite, no matter their gender. 

The battle against cellulite

We use the TempSure Firm laser system to reduce and eliminate unwelcome deposits of cellulite in problem areas. The TempSure Firm handpiece directs continuous, even, and noninvasive monopolar radiofrequency (RF) energy to trouble areas. 

This RF energy disrupts subcutaneous fat cells, causing them to die and be eliminated through your body’s lymphatic system. RF treatments with the TempSure Firm laser are incredibly quick and easy, and there’s absolutely no downtime. 

You can permanently eliminate troublesome fat cells from your: 

TempSure Firm treatments are a quick and painless way to remove cellulite. Most people need between 5-8 treatments. You’ll start to see results a few weeks after treatment and they’ll keep improving as your skin builds new elastin and collagen.

For effective cellulite reduction, contact our office in Tampa, Florida, by phone or online booking to schedule a consultation today.

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