Why Is Weight Loss So Difficult?

Obesity and carrying extra weight is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. If you carry extra pounds that you simply cannot shed, regardless of how hard you try, you are not alone. It is estimated that over 70% of Americans are overweight. 

Dr. Sydel Legrande, our medical director at ALTOGETHER LOVELY in Tampa, Florida, knows how hard it can be for women to shed the weight. There can be a variety of factors that impact your weight loss struggle. We can help you discover what holds you back and design a customized weight loss program and fat reduction plan to help you reach your aesthetic goals. 

What can hold you back from effective weight loss? 

Our bodies are complex machines with many variables that affect numerous processes. As a result, many things can impact how you lose or gain weight. Here are some of the most common. 

Your health

Many health factors can cause you to gain or struggle to lose weight. Among these are hypertension, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, stress, pregnancy, and thyroid problems. 

When your body is out of balance, certain processes automatically take place. These processes can act against your wishes, such as losing weight. 

Dr. Legrande and our team can perform a complete health evaluation, including comprehensive testing, to determine what (if any) health issues may hinder your weight loss. Many health issues can be mitigated to get you back on track to reaching your weight loss goals. 

Your attitude

The concept of weight loss is simple — take in less than your body uses and fat loss will result. That doesn’t make the actual effort any less difficult for many people. Sometimes, you are your biggest barrier. Weight loss is not an all-or-nothing, sudden hurdle. It’s a marathon of regular effort and discipline. 

You cannot reach your long-term weight loss goals with a short-term mindset. You must be prepared for the long haul. Dr. Legrande can help you formulate a winning attitude that will help catapult you to weight loss success. 

Your diet

This may seem silly, but too many women are not cautious of their diet and still try to lose weight. You can’t substitute over-the-counter weight loss plans and pills or supplements for healthy eating. Give your body what it needs, and withhold from it what it doesn’t need, and you have surmounted a huge barrier to weight loss. 

As part of your customized weight loss strategy, we can help you design a disciplined eating plan that includes all the right ingredients for your personal needs. We can even provide tips and suggestions for healthy eating when out with family and friends. 

Your activity level 

Exercise is an integral ingredient in your weight loss plan. Your body not only needs proper exercise for general good health, but exercise is a vital fat-burning technique. As your body burns stored fat for energy, fat cells shrink. More exercise = more fat burning = more shrinkage = more weight loss. It’s simple math. 

Depending on where you are, you may need to begin with certain types of exercise and slowly increase your regimen. We can help you choose exercises and activities that are commensurate with your current abilities and you can grow from there. 

What if you still need help with weight loss? 

Let’s face it — no matter how hard you diet and exercise, there are some problem areas that resist weight loss. For women, these are commonly on the upper arms, tummy, back, buttocks, thighs, and under the chin. Fortunately, when you have gone as far as healthy living can take you, technology can help you go that last mile. 

We offer a permanent fat reduction to help our patients eliminate stubborn pockets of fat.  WarmSculpting™ treatments by SculpSure® use FDA-approved laser technology to safely and comfortably heat and destroy fat cells in unwanted places. Your body then eliminates them through natural processes. 

This body contouring treatment is the answer for those pesky, embarrassing fatty areas that are resisting your diet and exercise efforts. Dr. Legrande can explain more during your weight loss and fat removal consultation. 

Call 813-375-9374 or contact us online to schedule your appointment today to discuss how you can lose weight and shape your body for good health and better living. 

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