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Sydel Legrande, MD

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The standard American diet relies on processed convenience food and is woefully deficient in the vitamins and nutrients you need for optimal body function. At ALTOGETHER LOVELY in Tampa, Florida, Sydel Legrande, MD, and the team recommend supplements to provide everything your body needs. If you’re feeling fatigued, have dull skin and hair, or don’t feel healthy, call ALTOGETHER LOVELY or schedule a consultation online today to learn how supplements can enhance your health and wellness.

Supplements Q & A

What are supplements?

Supplements include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, enzymes, and other substances that your body needs for optimal functionality. Taking the right supplements can enhance your health and wellness, from the condition of your skin, hair, and nails to your digestion, metabolism, and energy levels. 

A nutritious and balanced diet should provide what your body needs. However, the standard American diet is high in salt, sugar, and fat, but low in vitamins and minerals. Also, inflammation and other gastrointestinal issues can interfere with your nutrient absorption. Supplements help you address dietary deficiencies. 

How can supplements enhance my health?

The team at ALTOGETHER LOVELY recommends supplements to improve your overall wellness and treat a variety of specific health concerns. Some of the most common issues that might benefit from supplements include:


B12 and other B vitamins can increase your energy levels and mental focus and clarity. The team at ALTOGETHER LOVELY might also recommend other supplements, including iron, creatine, CoQ10, and ashwagandha.

Skin and hair

Biotin is a popular supplement to enhance the health and appearance of your hair skin and nails. You might also benefit from omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, collagen, and zinc. 

Weight loss

If you’re struggling to lose weight, the team at ALTOGETHER LOVELY might recommend supplements like B vitamins, iodine, vitamin D, carnitine, or L-citrulline. These supplements optimize endocrine function, boost energy levels, and help you make the most of your workouts. 

How do I know which supplements are right for me?

You should never begin to take any vitamins or supplements without first checking in with your doctor. The team at ALTOGETHER LOVELY provides physical exams and testing before recommending any supplements. 

They need to identify the root cause of your symptoms to prescribe the correct supplement and make sure the supplement won’t cause unwanted interactions with other medications. Additionally, taking too much of specific supplements can result in toxicity and adverse side effects. 

Supplements don’t provide immediate results. While you might start to see a difference within a month, you might not see the full results for 3-6 months. 

Call ALTOGETHER LOVELY or make an appointment online today to learn more about supplements and how they can enhance your health and wellness.